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Five Reasons Executives Prefer Corporate Suites Over Hotel Rooms For Longer Stays


Hotel rooms are great for a few days, even if you are an executive carrying the equivalent of an office in your brief case. Any longer and you might start feeling cramped. Here are five reasons that executives tend to favour corporate suites offered by hotels in the city they are visiting over regular rooms for longer stays.

Room to Spread Out

Many hotels, especially name brand properties, now offer corporate suites that give you more room to spread out. Depending on the hotel, you could find studio, one, two and even three-bedroom suites. The larger suites are particularly attractive if your assignment is fairly long term, but not permanent; you'll have space for your family to come visit. Corporate suites also make it easier to share accommodations with a fellow worker. You can each have some personal space.

In-Suite Designated Office Areas

Most hotels include a work desk and wireless Internet capability in all rooms. Executive suites take that work desk concept to a new level. Layouts of the suites, except the studios, include separate living and sleeping areas. The desk, sometimes referred to as a work station, sits in the main living area. Wireless Internet and phone-line Internet hook-ups are often found, as are multi-line phones with private message capability and a place to set up a printer and/or fax. Usually your work space includes an ergonomic desk chair.

Having your work area in another room has another big plus. It's a lot easier to get some sleep when you don't have your computer in the same room as your bed. Your brain needs down time. Pop some popcorn, stretch out on the bed and watch a movie or two.

Dine In or Out, Your Choice

One of the best reasons to go for that corporate suite is to get that fully serviced kitchen. Eating out gets old after a while, so does take-out. Besides, it's kind of fun to pad out to the fridge for a midnight snack while still in your pyjamas.

Some high-end properties include fully stocked refrigerators and grocery delivery in addition to all the pots, pans and crockery you need to make a home cooked meal. In some cases, you'll be asked about your food preferences before you even check-in.

Additional Amenities

You still have the use of the hotel's laundry service, but some executive suites include in-room washers and dryers. In some properties, executive suites are in a separate tower, or grouped in a particular section of the hotel. Private lounges, game rooms, health clubs and sometimes pools are available for suite guests only. The lounges often have refreshments available throughout the day. If your stay is in a popular vacation town, you won't usually have to deal with crowds.

Executive suite sections often have their own concierge desks, staffed with personnel familiar with the business world. In addition to the usual booking of restaurants and transportation, you'll be able to request last minute conference rooms with audio visual equipment. The concierge can also arrange for refreshments with the catering department and set up special parking arrangements if need be.   

The Cost Factor

Hotels rooms are typically charged by the night. Weekly rates do exist, but they are often part of special packages. Executive suites typically offer weekly and/or monthly rates. Add this to the savings you get from eating in some of the time and you have a more budget friendly option.

Executive suites do offer a more "at home" experience than your typical hotel room. The more comfortable your accommodations, the more relaxed you'll be during your off hours. That means when it comes to chairing that big meeting or cranking out that crucial report, you'll be well rested.  


5 November 2014